About My Prints

Creating a fine art print that represents all the potential of the image that was carefully composed, visualized and exposed can be the greatest challenge in the photographic process. The tools that are available now to photographers in a digital darkroom have opened up revolutionary new ways to think about an image and, in my experience, have made it much easier to control the final print.

Furthermore, in the last ten years, it has become possible to make prints from digital files that can stand the test of time. Manufacturers of ink claim an archival life of anywhere from 70 to 200 years before any noticeable degradation.  I have utterly embraced this new way of thinking about the darkroom, and I don't miss the chemicals and mess one bit, except perhaps in a nostalgic kind of way.  

Each of my prints are created individually by me, signed, and numbered (for limited editions only). I use  a specialized large format inkjet printer, archival inks and high quality, archival papers.  Having experimented with several papers, I have settled on Epson Hot Press Bright for most of my fine art prints.

What my customers say:

"'Dogwoods and Pine' is even more beautiful in person. Feels as if the scene outside the window moved into the house making it possible to enjoy the blooming dogwood year round.  Thank you so much!" —Gaile

"Charlotte's photography brings the beauty of the world into my home. 'Path Through the Redwoods' is an excellent example of this. It takes me to a serene, magical place." — Janet

"I am fortunate enough to live surrounded by Charlotte’s images in my home on rustic San Juan Island in the Pacific Northwest.  I stop often and marvel at the intricacy of detail, for example, in the branching bare limbs of trees in “Cottonwoods in Winter” or “Sentinels”.  Her technical mastery of photography is extraordinary.  But it is deep love and awe for the beauty of the natural world that shine through her images and make them shimmer.” — Kim


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